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If you are looking for an immigration lawyer to assist you with an immigration issue, help bring a family member to the US, renew or extend your visa, get a copy of your immigration file or another immigration matter, we are more than happy to speak with you, and if we believe we can help, our lawyers will provide one-on-one personal legal representation including a detailed review of your case, ( personal circumstances, and immigration history) that will be summarized and explained to you in a manner that you will understand and allows for you to ask questions. We will formulate a strategy for how to proceed with your immigration case and explain what options are available, any potential risks, and likelihood of success.

After determining the best route for our client, for that  immigration case, we provide step-by-step guidance, ongoing regular communication, and the highest quality work product and legal representation possible. If our firm is not confident of our ability to present the strongest possible case on behalf of a client, then we will tell the client that we recommend  an attorney or firm that would be better able to assist.  This firm truly focuses on quality over quantity--Mr. Caraccio limits the number of cases he takes to ensure the firm will have  the necessary time and resources to provide legal services in accordance with the high standards our clients have come to expect.


Our personal attention to clients and their legal matter will continue through to the conclusion of your case. We make client communication a priority and make sure that a client can easily contact their attorney and get timely responses. Clients are kept apprised of the status of their case and what is happening in their case throughout each step of the process.

You want a lawyer that you can have a personal relationship with and follow your case through from start to finish without sending your calls to voicemail or a paralegal you never met. You want to be treated like a person and not a file number. You want someone to guide you through this difficult and stressful process with patience and understanding, making sure you understand the process and are confident your case is being handled properly. Joseph Caraccio is that lawyer and if this is what you are looking for you should contact Joseph Caraccio today or book a phone/zoom consultation online.

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