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Immigration Lawyers for Citizenship & Naturalization

To live and work in the United States, one must secure a permanent resident card. Although the path to achieving this may be difficult given the legal complexities and challenges one will face along the way, the attorneys at the JBC LAW OFFICE can offer the expert counsel needed to simplify the process. We want our clients to avoid common legal pitfalls that obstruct the path to Citizenship.


At JBC LAW OFFICE walk our clients through every step of the naturalization process to make sure our clients are ready and fully prepared for the Green Card / Naturalization interview and all other requirements that apply to you. We know the importance of U.S. citizenship, allowing people to apply for their family members to gain status, work where they want to work, and live without the anxiety of being Deported.  Joseph Caraccio and most make the process as easy as possible to prepare all the needed paperwork.

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