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Anti-Immigrant Movement Trying to Revoke Birthright Citizenship

David Vitter Birthright Citizenship

Birthright citizenship, which is guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, is the right to U.S. citizenship to everyone born in the U.S. The only limited exception is for people families of ambassadors, as they are not, as the 14th Amendment requires, "subject to the jurisdiction" of the U.S. Plain and simple, if you were born in this country then you are a U.S. citizen at birth.

Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana introduced a birthright citizenship amendment to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015. The amendment so far has only one cosponsor -- Sen. David Perdue of Georgia. The amendment that Sen. Vitter wants to sneak into the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act has nothing to do with Human Trafficking. It is an amendment seeks to make the crying infant child of a non-citizen a criminal that is illegally present in the U.S. at the moment of birth. It is a ridiculous amendment. Even the majority of the anti-immigrant movement thinks revoking birthright citizenship is unconstitutional.

It is unlikely that it will be included in the final bill, but the attempt to include this unconstitutional, anti-immigrant measure into an important bill demonstrates the depths of Sen. Vitter's prejudices. The Senator is a career politician with a shameful legacy. The watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, has previously awarded Senator David Vitter the Most Corrupt Member of Congress Award in 2007, 2011, and 2012!

The majority of Senator Vitter's tenure has been spent pushing his often bigoted agenda. He has previously proposed an amendment to the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage and has supported legislation for abstinence only education and school prayer. The Senator has made his priorities clear.

There is no way this amendment will end up in the final bill and birthright citizenship is not going anywhere anytime soon but this just shows how far the anti-immigrant movement in Congress is willing to go.

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