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2016 GOP Candidates on Immigration

We are two debates into the Republican Primary but it will be months before the first ballots are cast to determine who will be the GOP’s Presidential Candidate running on the Republican ticket. Immigration has been coming up frequently in this primary race but let’s see where these Presidential hopefuls stand on immigration issues.

Ted Cruz Anti-Immigrant

Here is a breakdown of where the top contenders stand on immigration.

Ted Cruz *Worst Candidate on Immigration*

An Immigrant himself, he is the most anti-immigrant candidate.

Key stances:

  • No path to citizenship

  • End DACA & Defund any similar programs

  • Triple the size of Border Patrol

  • Supports Kate’s Law

  • Authored a Supreme Court amicus brief for stricter immigration penalties in Lopez v. Gonzales

Jeb Bush

He has been on all sides of the immigration debate taking contradictory stances. Although he can’t seem to make up his mind in 2016 he will be all for increased enforcement.

Key Stances:

  • Eliminate sanctuary cities

  • No amnesty

  • Increase enforcement

  • Against DACA/DAPA

Ben Carson

Ben Carson is not a fan of deportation but also not interested in giving immigrants a path to citizenship. He is all about guest work visas.

Key stances:

  • Harsher penalties for immigration violations

  • Very much in support of guest workers

  • Secure the southern border

  • Copy Canada

"The American people should not be manipulated into believing that they are heartless simply because they want to preserve the rule of law in our nation and look after their own before they take in others."

Rand Paul *Best Candidate on Immigration*

Strongly supports increased border security but also supports immigration reform.

Key Stances:

  • Wants to give legal status to 11 million people in the US

  • Number one priority must be securing the border

  • Immigrants are assets not liabilities

  • Current immigration laws must be reformed

“People who seek the American dream are not bad people.”

Marco Rubio

More border patrol, more restrictions, longer waits, no benefits, no route to citizenship!

Key Stances:

  • Path to citizenship is “code for amnesty” but now he supports “reform”

  • Does not support amnesty of any kind

  • Supports an e-verify system and national ID card

  • DACA caused border crisis

  • Believes English is the de facto National Language of the US

Donald Trump

A candidate with no political stances but a lot to say, especially about immigration.

Key Stances:

  • Half of all immigrants living in the US are criminals

  • Build a “great wall” across southern border and have Mexico pay for it

  • Thinks the Mexican government is sending the US murderers and rapists

  • Alternatively he suggests a triple layer wall with predator drones

  • Believes even legal immigration should be difficult

*Trump has been included in this list even though he is basically running as a joke and no intends for him to win the nomination. He has been given so much media coverage that he must be included but he is not considered a serious contender for the nomination. If he were a serious candidate then his bigoted, ignorant remarks would earn him the spot as the worst candidate on immigration.

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