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Immigration Officer, Arnaldo Echevarria, Indicted After He Coerced Sex & Bribes From Immigrants

ICE officer demands bribes and sex

A Federal Grand Jury has indicted Arnaldo Echevarria, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officer for demanding bribes and sexual favors in exchange for protection from deportation.

Apparently Echevarria abused his authority as an ICE Officer by demanding bribes and sex from immigrants in order for them not to be deported. One woman became pregnant by Echevarria, who according to cort documents, pushed her to have an abortion. The woman did not.

See the full indictment here.

It is further claimed that Echevarria had an undocumented immigrant girlfriend who aided with false documents.

You can find the Indictment and press release from the US Attorney's Office here.

The ICE Officer was from NJ and many local news sources have been covering the story:



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