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Why is my name incomplete on my LPR / Green Card?

I question I often get from clients is, "why is my name missing a letter?" or "How come my name is wrong on my green card if it is correct on the other documents?"

When you receive your LPR card you should immeadetiely check it for accuracy. If there are any inaccuracies you should get them fixed as soon as possible. You should check to see if the mistake was on your end (did you mispell the name or DOB on the form) or if it was an error by USCIS (you put the correct info but USCIS printed the wrong info). The general rule is that if the mistake was on your end then you must repay the filing fee to fix the error. If the mistake was made by USCIS they will correct it with no additional fee required..

Something very important to note is that if the error is that part of your name was shortened, cut-off or omitted then it may not be a mistake at all.

There is an 18 character limit on each name, "given name" and "sure name." This includes spaces. If either of your names are over 18 characters only the first 18 will appear on your card.

Before you get worried that there is a mistake on your legal permanent resident card, count the number of characters and see if USCIS simply ran out of space to fit the rest of your name.

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