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Let Gary Johnson Debate!

The best presidential candidate when it comes to immigration policy, hands down. Let Gary Johnson debate so people can learn about it.

US citizens now face the same dilemma that they do every four years--which figurehead do they cast their ballot for. Everyone makes a big to-do about this event. Red or blue, left or right, it is always a contest between two people who have the same basic political standpoints. It gives people the illusion of choice since they think they are getting to pick a leader but they are really just picking between two different brands of the same poison.

This round is extra exciting since citizens will be picking between a narcissistic lunatic and an angry criminal.

The two party system destroys democracy. Gary Johnson is currently polling around 10% nationally but Hillary and Trump won't let him on the debate stage. Why not? Maybe because he has more executive experience than both of them being a two-term Governor. Most likely it is because he offers an alternative choice.

The only candidate running for President with a reasonable Immigration Policy is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Visit his website to learn more about his immigration policy.

More importantly, get the word out that Gary Johnson should be on the debate stage with Hillary & Trump. Why not give the American people an alternative to the those two maniacs.


Tomorrow, September 10, 2016, Gary Johnson will be holding a rally in NYC. Read more here.

Get the word out on social media #letgarydebate

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