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Immigration Enforcement Chief Says Ending Private Prisons Would Turn the System 'Upside Down&#39

agency director Sarah Saldaña ICE needs Private Prisons

According to the Huffington Post Article, shutting down for-profit detention facilities would hurt Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s ability to do its job, according to agency director Sarah Saldaña.

During a House Judiciary Committee Hearing agency director Sarah Saldaña said, “It would pretty much turn our system upside down, because we are almost completely contractor-run with respect to our detention facilities.”

"We are almost completely contractor-run with respect to our detention facilities." - Sarah Saldaña, ICE director

Saldaña said ICE would not be able to maintain 34,000 beds if it ended its use of private detention centers, in response to questioning from Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.). Why this is so important? Congress requires ICE to keep 34,000 detention beds available for immigrants on a daily basis.

It seems ICE has no plans of discontinuing the use of Private Prisons.

Read Huffington Post Article Here.

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