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NY Bar Exam Results Are FINALLY Here

After the Bar emailed all test takers yesterday with a survey, which hundreds of anxious recent grads thought was going to be their bar exam results, the actual results are out.

The most recent New York Bar Passage Rate was the lowest it had been in at least 35 years with only 61% of test-takers passing!

However, New York Bar Passage Rates are finally on the rise. New York Bar passage rates are up from last year(thanks to UBE).

New Jersey's Bar Pass Rate for 2016 was the lowest it has been in over a decade with only 65% of test-takers passing.

Arizona just put up the worst numbers in history with just 53% of test-takers passing!

Nationwide Bar passage rates are plummeting. 35 States have had a decline in passage rates this year.

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