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HIRC Releases Report on Effect of Executive Order

HIRC releases report on effect of Executive Orders on refugees; Urges Canada to reconsider Safe Third Country Agreement

The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic released a report today on the effects of President Trump’s Executive Orders on people seeking asylum protection in the United States under long-standing provisions of U.S. and international law, including refugee law and the Convention Against Torture.

In the wake of the Executive Orders, media attention has focused largely on the travel ban involving seven predominantly Muslim nations, but the impact of the orders on asylum seekers from around the world has received little attention.

The HIRC report warns that President Trump’s Executive Orders will dramatically restrict access to asylum and other immigration protections in the United States, and will usher in a new regime of large-scale detention, expansion of expedited removal without due process, and deputizing of state and local officials to detain individuals on “mere suspicion” of immigration violations.

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