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Asylum Seekers Stay in Mexico City During Caravan Vote in the US

The Caravan that has been making international headlines as this massive group of migrants head towards the US to seek Asylum en mass.

Immigration Caravan in Mexico City

President Trump has, of course, taken to Twitter as a world leader should, to express his opinions on the matter.

The leading migrant caravan pushing its way toward the U.S. border is hunkering down in Mexico City on Tuesday, as Americans head to the polls with the contentious group -- and the equally combustible immigration issue -- on their minds.

President Trump Tweets About Immigration Policy

A Fox News crew traveling with the caravan was told this morning that 4,000 migrants slept last night inside the Jesus Martinez stadium in tents, on bleachers and under tarps -- and another 1,000 are reportedly still en route Tuesday. The caravan – which has become a key talking point for President Trump in the final lead-up to Tuesday’s midterm elections -- is expected to stay in the stadium for a few days. While there, members of the group are receiving advice from Mexican federal officials and Central American embassy workers on topics related to their future, including medical care, work permits and legal matters.

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