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Illinois Way Forward Act

The Illinois House will soon consider SB 667, the Illinois Way Forward Act and will be voting on a budget by the end of the legislative session this month! SB 667 separates local law enforcement from the federal deportation pipeline. Furthermore our state must pass a budget that fully funds immigrant services and expands access to the earned income credit to ITIN filers and caregivers in Illinois.

Click here to see the full ICIRR Everybody In 2021 State and Federal platform

Throughout the past year, amid a deadly pandemic, a white supremacist federal administration, and

ongoing systemic threats and inequities, ICIRR and our members have organized, fought for, and won

victories to uphold the dignity and livelihood of our families and communities. While we welcome the

new Biden-Harris administration and its promises to address the wrongs of the past years, ICIRR and

our members are committed to holding the new administration accountable to fulfill these promises

and to fighting for all impacted communities at each level of government. Within this backdrop, ICIRR

and its membership are unequivocally committed to struggle for communities, a state and country


● All people have access to healthcare

● All people live within an economic system that puts people first, setting them up to thrive

● All people feel safe and free of racist criminal justice and immigration systems

We reject a vision of the world that normalizes criminalization, scarcity, and terror inflicted by police

and immigration enforcement. ICIRR’s 2021 state, federal and local policy platforms build upon the

transformative visioning, leadership development, relationship building and community power

building that centers all of our efforts and has led to years of victories.

What follows is our state, federal and local platform that lays out our collective demands of our

elected officials to address relief and build the foundation for long-term transformational change to

ensure that we bring everybody in and leave nobody out in the equitable and beloved communities

we seek.

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