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Mistakes Applicants Make at Adjustment of Status Interview

Forgetting documents, saying too much, being untruthful (lying), not preparing, Not consulting a lawyer before your adjustment of status (green card) interview are a few of the most common ways an applicant can delay or lose their case at the final step.

Not Bringing the Right Things to the Interview

  • Original Documents

Bring your original passport, birth certificate(s), marriage and divorce certificate, and any criminal dispositions.

Bring in some recent bank records, mail, and other documents to show bona fides of the marriage.

  • Changed Circumstances

If someone has a new job or anything changes in your circumstances makes sure you have supporting documents.

  • English Translations & Certificates of Translation

Anything in another language must be translated to English and you must have a certificate of translation.

Saying Too Much

Answer the question you are asked and only the question you are asked.

Being Untruthful - Don't Lie!

Don't lie or try to mislead the officer because you will get caught and it will make your situation worse.

Arguing with the Officer or Being Rude

If you didn't realize this then you may have bigger problems.

Prepare for your Interview

Practice how you are going to answer questions so you are ready and know what to say.

Consult a Lawyer

Talk with a lawyer and ask about the process. Know what to expect and what questions you will be asked.

Tips for your USCIS Interview

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