A Remote Law Firm That Provides Higher Quality Work, Better Service & Lower Fees.  From the Comfort & Safety Of Your Own Home

How We Use Technology To Save You Time And Money, Keep You Informed, And Allow You To Have Constant Contact With Your Legal Team-While Allowing You To Stay Safe During These Difficult Times .

Operating as a remote office allows us to operate with lower overhead costs since we do not have physical office. We do not have to pay rent, insurance, purchase furniture, or pay other costs associated with operating a physical office. With less expenses we are able to lower our fees without sacrificing service or quality.

Since our staff works remotely we can add legal professionals from all over the world to our team, and we work with some of the best attorneys and consultants from various cities in the US and Canada.


Easily meet with your lawyer by video conference to discuss your case at your convenience. If you have a quick question you can text message message your lawyer or paralegal. Include multiple parties in a Google Chat by text, voice, or video using your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Upload documents using your phone and receive copies of your paperwork instantly via email.

Fill out forms and execute contracts electronically at your convenience.You can sign legal documents on your home computer, tablet, or even your phone with easy to use software that is encrypted to protect your privacy. We use state of the art cyber security so you can rest easy knowing your information and documents are secure and allow it to be available to team members wherever they are and they can easily share documents with you.

Since we operate remotely we can represent clients throughout the US an Canada. Our office is located wherever you are.

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